New USPTO COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Program

The USPTO has just announced a new, limited-space prioritized examination program small-entity and micro-entity applicants submitting applications containing “one or more claims to a product or process related to COVID-19” for a process or product which is “subject to an applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for COVID-19 use.”

The goal is to reach final disposition (allowance or final rejection) of the application within 12 months — but the USPTO believes that many applications can be shortened to 6 months with prompt cooperation from applicants. Additionally, the request for prioritized examination ($1000) and the processing fee ($70 for micro-entities, and $140 for small-entities) is waived, if the application is accepted into the program.

Currently, the pilot program is only for the first 500 applications accepted into the program. The USPTO has provided a form to request admittance to the program. More information can be found at the USPTO’s website for the program.

Contact us with any questions, or to file an application under this program. We look forward to assisting inventors and startup companies do their part in combating COVID-19!