Timothy Snowden

  • Owner, Bold Ventures Patents
    (Full 2019-present. Part time 2010-2019 as “Solid Rock Design Co.”)
    • Broad experience in patent drafting and prosecution, focusing on drafting breadth+depth specifications that strongly support a diversity of potential claim amendments, and engaging early with Examiners to minimize pendency by developing cooperative relationship while firmly asserting interests of clients.
    • Author articles, FAQs, and presentations to teach clients and inventors about patent topics.
    • Experience covers software and electrical, medical and veterinary, agricultural and equine, oil & gas, mechanical, and design.
  • Director of Operations, Solid Rock Enterprises
    (Full-time 2014-2019. Part-time 2019-present)
    • Manage operations and design engineering for business services and manufacturing company.
    • Automation/robotics control design & installation – HAL, ladder-logic. Network and server implementation & management – PHP, Bash, Linux-CLI.
    • In-house product & process engineering/development, including prototyping, fabrication, machining, 3D-printing and small-run manufacturing, for Solid Rock Manufacturing (design and build of consumer, agriculture, and veterinary products) and Solid Rock Leather (consumer products).
    • Strategist, Solid Rock Shutterbugs – division of Solid Rock Enterprises (2018-present) Business analysis and marketing, providing small businesses with digital marketing strategy. Analyze markets, target clients, product lines, value proposition, and more.
  • In-House Engineer & Prototyping Manager, Solid Rock Enterprises
    • Product development in support of prototyping services for startup companies and R&D customers. CAD and house of quality experience.
  • Biomedical Engineer, medTG (contract)
    • Worked alongside co-inventor to meet deadline by ‘crashing’ manufacturing prototype project of vascular sampling device: DFM redesign, injection mold design, successful functional prototype including at least 10 custom (in-house) injection molded components.
  • Managing Research Engineer, CorInnova (contract)
    • Oversight of entire FDA-compatible design/development process for cardiac assist device: design controls, user needs, design specifications, design development.
    • Reviewed designs, ensured proper documentation and quality assurance review.
  • Research Engineer, Texas A&M University, Department of Biomedical Engineering
    (Jan 2009-Sep 2011, Jun-Dec 2012)
    • Research Engineer & Safety Liaison (Jun 2012-Dec 2012)
      • Lead researcher developing novel fully-implantable cardiac assist pump, including device design and prototyping, and assembly of external pump for comparison purposes.
      • Oversaw undergraduate research engineer and general lab administration.
      • Coordinated with departmental safety supervisors to increase safety awareness and adherence.
    • Research Engineer (Feb 2011-Sep 2011)
      Undergraduate Research Engineer (Jan 2009–May 2010)
      • Performed laboratory characterization and testing of cardiac support and recoil devices, including experimental design, setup, and operation and device prototyping.
      • Developed and designed heart model for use in characterization.
      • Analyzed data in Matlab and edited graphs in Excel for electronic and print presentation.
      • Performed background research & literature review.
      • Authored grant proposals and research publications/presentations.
  • TA / Asst. Machinist, TAMU BMEN Machine Shop
    (Jun-Dec 2012)
    • Machined biomedical related projects, from experimental equipment to device prototypes, and generated engineering drawings from customer’s 3D models. Projects included parts for optical systems, shape-memory foam devices, and implantable devices.
    • Trained and oversaw undergraduate and graduate students using the equipment. Maintained inventory and usage records; Authored online usage record system.
  • Technical Associate, Nelson & Associates Safety Engineering
    • Reviewed, summarized, and performed safety research related to biomechanics.
    • Prepared and/or reviewed and edited numerous educational fact sheets on biomechanics safety topics for lay audiences.
    • Analyzed engineering reports of opposing expert witnesses. Reviewed & proofed outgoing safety engineering reports.

Licenses & Certification


  • B.S. Biomedical Engineering (magna cum laude), Texas A&M University. (2010)
    • Coursework:
      • Mechanics (Solid & Fluid-advanced), Materials | Circuit Theory, Instrumentation, Signal Analysis, Imaging | Device Design & Project Management, FDA Regulation, Entrepreneurship | Cell Biology, Physiology | Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations (PDEs and theory of DE)
  • Graduate work, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University (2012)
    • Research: Development of novel non-invasive cardiac assist pump
    • Coursework (4.0 GPR): Computational Mechanics Emphasis — Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Drug Delivery, Statistics in Research

Publications & Presentations

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