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  • Patent Office Extends Payment Deadlines ‘One More Time’
    Yesterday, the USPTO issued a notice that the deadlines for certain actions and paying certain fees are extended once again for micro-entity and small-entity applicants affected by COVID-19. In particular, filing fees (including search fee, examination fee, and late filing surcharge), issue fees, and maintenance fees due between March 27 and September 29, 2020, will … Read more
  • New USPTO COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Program
    The USPTO has just announced a new, limited-space prioritized examination program small-entity and micro-entity applicants submitting applications containing “one or more claims to a product or process related to COVID-19” for a process or product which is “subject to an applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for COVID-19 use.” The goal is to reach … Read more
  • New USPTO Patent Marketplace
    The US Patent Office launched an online licensing marketplace today, intended to connect patent owners willing to license their patents with potential licensees. Initially focused on COVID-19 related technologies, it appears to be intended to expand its coverage into more technology areas over time. Of course ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ must still exercise ordinary caution and … Read more
  • Diagnostic Tool Patent Held Valid
    In another boost to medical innovators, a Federal Circuit panel has ruled claims as valid in a patent by CardioNet for identifying atrial fibrillation. The patent discloses using “relevance determination logic” to identify when heartbeat irregularities are ‘relevant’ and to trigger an ‘event generator’ to take appropriate action. This case cites McRo in support, which … Read more
  • Sequenom 2 – Patent Eligible Diagnostic Tests
    Companies involved in developing ground-breaking diagnostic tests received great news this week with the recent Federal Circuit decision between Ariosa and Sequenom/Illumina, upholding a patent directed to novel blood tests. A similar Illumina patent was struck down in 2015 as being un-patentable for being well-known diagnostic techniques applied to a naturally occurring phenomenon. In this … Read more