Bold Ventures Patents strives to meet the needs of inventors and businesses by providing exceptional patent prosecution services at an affordable rate. Efficient prosecution through strategic use of Examiner interviews and USPTO programs, and cooperative drafting with the inventors to maximize use of practitioner time, help us provide you exceptional service while keeping costs controlled.

Further, we believe that the ability to budget patent costs is critical for startups and established businesses alike, so we offer both per-hour pricing and flat-fee patent application services. Whichever billing method you prefer, we will work with you to help you gain an understanding of potential upcoming costs. Additionally, we offer patent budget consultation to facilitate planning ahead for patent costs, which tend to be incurred on an occasional basis.

Prices below are general estimates covering commonly presented invention complexities and scenarios. Please contact us for a no-cost initial consultation and estimate or flat-fee proposal.

Estimated Costs

Patent Application Preparation



+ USPTO filing fees

Drafting: $1200-2850
Drawings: $50-400

Includes detailed description, drawings (~4-12 views), and broad initial claim(s) (~1-5).

Costs varies depending on invention art and complexity.

Provisional applications can provide an excellent opportunity for a filing date ‘placeholder’ to allow up to one year for R&D, commercialization, etc. before filing a full claim set. Never skimp on the description, however!

Utility: Mechanical


+ USPTO filing fees

Drafting: $1400-3100
Drawings: $100-400

Includes detailed description, drawings (~4-12 views), and full claim set (~10-20 claims)

Mechanical arts include machines, mechanical products, and improvements to such technology.

There is a wide variety in the mechanical arts, but they tend to be one of the most straightforward arts to describe and define, including related variations.

Utility: Electrical


+ USPTO filing fees

Drafting: $1800-3500
Drawings: $100-400

Includes detailed description, drawings (~4-12 views), and full claim set (~10-20 claims)

Electrical arts include automation, circuits, sensors, mixed mechanical and electrical systems or electrically-based systems.

Electrical and automation systems encompass a broad field, but typically require careful thought, definition and description and claiming of variations.



+ USPTO filing fees

Drafting: $2000-3700
Drawings: $100-400

Includes detailed description, drawings (~4-12 views), and full claim set (~10-20 claims)

Software arts include programs, mobile apps, embedded software, and software-centric methods.

Because of the flexibility of software, inventions encompass a vast array of possibilities. Software inventions are also one of the most challenging to define, and entail rigorous planning, definition, and evaluation of potential variations & embodiments.



+ USPTO filing fees

Drafting: $450-700
Drawings: $150-500

Includes formal description and claim, and detailed drawings (~4-15 views).

Design applications can cover the non-functional decorative appearance of inventions from GUIs (graphical user interfaces) to automobile parts.

Illustration-intensive, design applications can be a cost-effective approach, but still require strategical planning of embodiments and variations, as well as high-quality patent drawings.

Prices vary primarily with complexity from a basic invention (low end of a price range) to an intermediately-complex invention (middle of a price range) to an advanced invention (high end of a price range). Costs are for the initial application only and do not include USPTO fees (see below). Further costs for responding to US Patent Office actions (restrictions, rejections, objections, etc.), and potential continuation, continuation-in-part, divisional applications, and/or appeals, should be considered prior to filing.

Hourly Rate

$150 / Hour

Normal pricing for 6+ week notice.


  • Inventors & Small Businesses (10%)
  • Early payment by check/cash/ACH (5%)

NOTE: Discounts are for BVP service fees only. They do not apply to USPTO fees, illustrations, or other expenses. Discounts only apply to clients who engage Bold Ventures Patents directly, and do not apply to services provided through a third-party platform.

Emergency Pricing

  • 4-6 weeks: + 10%
  • 2-4 weeks: +25%
  • <2 weeks: +50%


~$250 – 1500

Initial search: ~$250-500

Initial search, including summary report. Approximately 75% of search report cost may be credited towards a patent application with BVP (for the invention searched).

Office Actions

Response to typical USPTO rejection: $750-1500


Office actions are highly variable, and cost depends on the research, analysis, and response required. Most rejections also include an interview with an Examiner.


(Updated December 2019. Current fees available at USPTO at:

Filing Fees

Paid when patent application is filed.

(definition & income limit)
Provisional Application Filing
Utility Application Filing
– Filing fee (#4011)
– Search (#1111/2111/3111)
– Examination (#1311/2311/3311)
Design Application Filing
– Filing fee (#1012/2012/3012)
– Search (#1112/2112/3112)
– Examination (#1312/2312/3312)

Issue Fees

Paid when patent application is allowed.

(definition & income limit)
Utility Issue Fee
Design Issue Fee

Maintenance Fees

Paid periodically through the term of the patent. Failure to pay the maintenance fee will cause the patent to expire ‘early.’

(definition & income limit)
Utility Maintenance Fees
– Due at 3.5years
– Due at 7.5years
– Due at 11.5years
Design Maintenance FeeNONENONENONE


A patent strategy and budget can help you plan and budget for building a patent portfolio across the entire application life-cycle.

Patent costs tend to be cyclical: they arrive in ‘boluses’ (filing several applications on a new invention, then responding 1+ year later when the USPTO replies to those applications, etc). Furthermore, like most investments with potentially high rewards, the costs are not trivial. In the absence of planning, this can sometimes make patent costs a hurdle for inventors and small companies.

Budgeting for patent costs can help create a plan that sets aside a relatively small portion of monthly cash flow to build a reserve to use when the patent costs arrive. Having this cash at your disposal can help keep more options open during prosecution, and avoid the necessity of dropping an application — just as an agreement is being reached with the USPTO Examiner — because the immediate expenditure is overwhelming.

Working with an experienced patent professional, you can evaluate:

  • Your invention(s)
  • Your potential market
  • Your potential patent filings & estimated prosecution difficulty
  • Your patent costs over the lifetime of the patent application(s) and (hopefully!) issued patent(s)

Taking these factors into account, you can:

  • Balance your expected investment cost and expected return on investment (ROI)
  • Plan your cash flow and build up savings

Contact us to begin building your budget.